Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling

‘This low-impact Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling introduces architecture into an otherwise neglected typology.’

This low-impact Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling is designed to enhance biodiversity and promote health and well-being whilst also introducing architecture into an otherwise neglected typology. The modest dwelling (140m2) is designed to occupy a space of steeply sloped land that is unsuited to typical farming practices such as crops or grazing, and therefore does not use valuable land that could be better used for agriculture. The appearance of the proposed dwelling is derived from its association with the ground to which it connects, firstly as ground-bearing, then transitioning to an elevation above. Working with the gradient of the land and it’s careful positioning within the slope gives the dwelling the ability to at once, both lie low and to soar. The language is of a contemporary agricultural build aesthetic, expressed through the use of an external steel structure (with a nod to Mies van ver Rohe) and balanced by the use of silvered timber cladding and a sedum roof, to create a visually low impact structure that recedes into its environment.

Client: Private client
Location: Devon
Status: Planning Permission Granted
Client: Agricultural worker's dwelling
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