About NBD

Our approach has been refined over time by a rich mix of things. From years of formal training and professional experience through to passion projects and collaborative work. All these have culminated in the mix we bring to our architecture. Craftsmanship, materials, problem-solving design, building and interiors are all part of who we are. Over the years we’ve not shied away from rolling up our sleeves. The discipline of being on site or in the workshop has taught us much that sitting behind a computer could not. A hand-crafted, hands-on approach has enabled us to learn and apply what really works.

Our portfolio includes projects from the private, public and commercial sectors. We hope it communicates well to you our belief that when progressive design is fused with age old craft, some of the best ideas emerge. Together with a careful consideration of context and local materials, we strive to create buildings that settle well into their environments too. With our unique experience on-site including a number of self-build projects, we also apply a strong understanding of the financial constraints and our client’s business case to our architectural services, and will work hard to make the most of any budget.

Founder I Architect I Maker

Ben Huggins

Ben’s knowledge of materials and ability to design and craft anything from bespoke furniture to buildings, defines his approach. Prior to graduating with a first class degree in Architecture, Ben trained in fine furniture making at the renowned Parham College. It is these early influences, along with a great sense of fun, which have honed and established his Architectural aesthetic. BA (Hons) | ARB I RIBA I Parnham College

Part 1 Architectural Assistant | Photographer

Louis Domville-Musters

Louis studied Architecture at Falmouth University where he was shortlisted for the prestigious Architects Journal Student Prize and later graduated in 2021 with a first class honours in Architecture. Since joining New British Design, Louis has become an integral part of the design team, working closely alongside Ben across all the RIBA Stages. BA (Hons) | University of Falmouth

Part 1 Architectural Assistant | Maker

Charlie Luxton

Charlie graduated from Falmouth with a BA honours in Architecture in 2019 and has been working with New British Design ever since. Charlie’s ability to move between his role as Architectural Assistant to skilled workshop maker, makes him our most versatile employee. BA (Hons) | University of Falmouth


An invaluable contributor to happy office life, Ted was the result of a one off collaboration between Jack Russell Industries and Collie International. This long wheel base version was discontinued due to poor ground clearance and excessive fuel consumption. Powered by Chum, the resulting emission levels were way beyond any statutory European safety regulations. However this propitious prototype brings his unique perspective (and the occasional stick) to all discussions design.

Founder I Design Consultant | Project Manager

Hannah Huggins

Hannah Huggins is co-founder of New British Design and has worked alongside Ben creatively and strategically since their meeting in 1999. As well as a strong design aesthetic, Hannah’s highly practical approach to designing a home as well as strong Project Management and Communication skills are fundamental to the smooth running of the practise. BA (Hons) | UCL | University of Exeter


Nadim Mirza

Nadim Mirza joined New British Design in April 2022, bringing with him a wealth of experience across all the RIBA stages, as well as a love for detail. Originally training under sustainability expert, Cedric Green, and later at the Centre for Technology in Wales, Nad is now appointed by NBD as a nominated Consultant on a project by project basis. BA (Hons) | ARB I RIBA

Studio Manager | Project Management

Rosie Gill

Rosie joined the New British Design team in May 2021 and quickly established herself as fundamental to the smooth running of the Studio. Working closely alongside Hannah, Rosie facilitates the running of both the Practice and Accounts, as well as supporting the team on build projects. BA (Hons) | University of Manchester

See What we Did There?

Yes, we ripped off Edmund Collein’s ‘Bauatelier Gropius’ photo from 1928. The photo shows Bauhaus students squeezing themselves into Walter Gropius style boxes in a playful visual critique of their famously functionalist Masters. Collein studied carpentry and architecture at the legendary design school under Marcel Breuer and Josef Albers. However, it is only his photographic work from that period that survives. Almost 100 years on, we thought it was about time that the boxes got another outing, and with house prices the way they are, this image resinates now more than ever. Bauatelier Gropius, Edmund Collein (1906-1992): (Preliminary Course Students, Walter Gropius' Studio, Winter Semester), 1927-1928.

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